But I thought I might as well because it’s difficult not to worry about.

Fate seems intent on me not being at university. Last summer, all but one of the universities I applied to cancelled the course. Then three quarters of the way through this semester I lose the majority of my work and have to start again.
Then when I get home, the internet connection in the house is crippled (0.22 mb/s instead of 8 mb/s) and we can’t figure out how to fix it - which makes it impossible for me to upload my final work for this semester. 

Now the uni has said that I might be kicked out because I didn’t hand in my work, even though none of these problems have been my fault. 

On the advice of one of my teachers, I’ve emailed the GDNM course leader explaining the situation but it’s now three days later and I haven’t had a reply. I’m angry at the fact that I’m seemingly being punished for things out of my control and I’m worried that I might be kicked out of a course I really want to do but there’s really nothing I can do other than wait.

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