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“Big things have small beginnings.”

I loved the fact that David has the Weyland logo in his fingerprint.

It makes sense that a company would stamp their logo on their product but on a humanoid robot/android that’s meant to resemble humans as closely as possible, placement must be difficult. Whoever came up with the idea that it would be embedded in the fingerprint is a genius.


The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation born 1925 through 1945, is the generation that includes those who were too young to join the service during World War II. Many had fathers who served in World War I. Generally recognized as the children of the Great Depression, this event during their formative years had a profound impact on them.

Generations is a set of images illustrating the eight groups of generations in the Western world. Each image is illustrated in homage to one of the main artistic styles popular during the birth of that generation.


The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation, primarily known as the Generation of 1914 in Europe, is a term originating with Gertrude Stein to describe those who fought in World War I. The members of the lost generation were typically born between 1883 to 1900.

The first in my “Generations” set. 

One down, seven to go!

Decided to have a bit of fun with my logo. The jetpack with glasses on the bottom right is my normal logo and the one on the left is my new and improved, super awesome HD logo. You like?


In the year 2020 consulting producer of the Ancient Aliens programme, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, gained a 85% stake in the ownership of the History Channel after a lottery win. He celebrated his new-found ownership by switching the focus of the well known channel to almost completely alien-based programmes. This resulted in a massive marketing campaign, the main portion of which involved a new logo design featuring a visual representation of the channel’s new direction.


I heard via a vlogbrothers video about a tshirt design contest for this year’s VidCon Convention so, of course, I sent in an entry. 

This is the logo I made as part of the design. I haven’t heard back yet as to whether mine has been chosen but hopefully it will!

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In the year 2079, in protest against and in mockery of their new Chinese masters, ESPN commissions a graphic designer to chop off another portion of their logo and turn it on it’s end. It creates widespread dissent among American sports fans.

I foolishly didn’t ask for any money upfront for a small job recently and, after changing his mind about using me, the client is refusing to pay for the work because he “only asked for sample designs, not for a final design”. 

I told him that he didn’t ask whether the samples were free and I never implied that they were free so it makes sense to assume they’re not free, but he keeps going on about “If I knew they weren’t free I wouldn’t have used you!”.